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Height: 5"5   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Brown


Waiting for Valeria    |    Supporting    |    Angie Castro

Unus Populus    |    Supporting    |    Ian Lauer

Salsa Mía    |    Lead      Angie Castro

Butterfly In The Fire    |    Supporting    |    Michael Baez

Saved by The Pole    |    Supporting    |    Jonisha Rios
Todos Los Besos    |    Lead      Tschaka Moran
Life Waiting    |    Supporting      Molly Carlot-Clarke
The Nannies    |    Supporting    |    Christina Nelson
Sofía    |    Supporting    |    Gerry Cardos
El Amanecer (The Morning)    |    Lead    |    Juan David Castilla
Chocolate Love    |    Lead     Surita Mora
Desiree - Desiree      Lead      Laura Posey
Rick      Featured    |    Curtiss Clayton


Detective Privado      Guest      TV Azteca
Unhitched      Featured      FOX
Vespertine      Supporting      Showtime
An Opening Night to “Share”     Guest Star     Bravo


La Pastorela      Gila     The Academy Theatre
The Jewelry Box     Betty/Luisa/Sara     The Highways Performance Space

3 Little Pigs     Polly     The Whitefire Theatre
Yerma     Yerma     Les Enfants Terribles: Paris-France
Marco Polo     Diane     Les Enfants Terribles: Paris-France
Dolores     Dolores     La Comédia Théathre: Paris-France
Four Dogs and a bone     Brenda     La Comédia Théathre: Paris-France
Bumlingers     Leona     The Producers Club
Haters - “Who Hated it”     The Maid     The New York Comedy Club
Improvability     Musical Improv     HB Playwrighst
Parachutes Optional     Improv     HB Playwrighst
Citizen Phil     Marjorie     La Guardia C.C. Theatre
The Final Composition     Sally     La Guardia C.C. Theatre


Actors Circle Theatre     Arthur Mendoza    Los Angeles, CA
Scene Acting Class for the Camera     Will Wallace    Los Angeles, CA

Hey, I Saw Your Commercial!      Commercial Workshop    Los Angeles, CA

UCLA Extension- Screenwriting     Ron Suppa    Los Angeles, CA
On-Camera Auditioning Classes      Christina Chauncey    Los Angeles, CA
Intensive Acting Workshop     International Theatre NY Co.    Paris, France
Scene Study Technique     The Lee Strasberg Theater    New York, NY
Improvisation & Theatre Games      HB Studio    New York, NY

Alexander Technique     Martha Bernard    New York, NY

Speech Studio     Speech: Brian Loxlei    New York, NY


Bilingual: Fluent in Spanish.

Accents:  Italian,  Spanish,  Mexican.
Sports: Crossfit, Boxing, Yoga, Running, Fitness, Swimming, Cycling, Scuba Diving, Dirt bike.
Voiceovers, Writing, Accoustic Guitar.
Dancing styles: Salsa, Merengue, Mapale, Bachata.

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